Improvement Project

The Dolphins Hall was built over fifty years ago, adding a much-needed community facility alongside The Recreation Ground, to be managed by the same Trust. In that time it has been well used and well loved; a place for community events, gatherings, celebrations, casting of votes, sport, regular meetings, singing, dancing, laughter, music and drama (of all kinds). Tetbury may be technically a small town, but the Dolphins Hall has been, and will continue to be, our “village hall”. The hall and the Rec together are a special place at the heart of our community.

We have an opportunity now to renew and improve the hall and our facilities; to take care of our special place and make it better.
When people look back fifty years from now, we want the Dolphins Hall to be as special to them then as it is to us now.
We really do have to get it right.

In recent years, the Dolphins Recreation Centre Trustees have tried to develop an affordable and sustainable plan for improving the facility, including giving the Youth Club a permanent new home. It hasn’t been an easy problem to solve, and we haven’t quite got there yet. If there is an ideal solution that gives everyone just what they want, it hasn’t yet been found. We need to be clear what the priorities should be when the inevitable compromises have to be made. We need the people who use and love the Dolphins Hall & Recreation Ground to tell us what they care about; to help us to establish those priorities. We know there have been public consultations in the past, and we will make use of them, but we also need to know what people think right now about the things we can actually do, and the decisions we will have to take.

There will be more information here about the redevelopment project as we go – making plans, making decisions and making progress. For now, we have produced the factsheet below to explain the public consultation process and provide some background of how the project has shaped up over the last few years.

Dolphins Hall Redevelopment Factsheet Aug 2018

Online Survey

We have also organised an online survey (here, Dolphins Hall Survey 2018.1).
Do please take a look and fill it in to let us know your opinion.

***** We had a minor glitch in the first page of the survey for a short while. It should be fixed now.
Just in case anyone is still seeing the same problem: if the survey seems to be stuck on the first page and won’t move on, it might be that it is expecting an entry in every box on the page. For any boxes that aren’t relevant to you, entering “N/A” or even just a single character should get you through. We think we’ve fixed it and it should all be working fine now, but if you do have problems, let us know on and we’ll investigate. Thanks. ******

Drop-in Sessions

If you would prefer to provide your opinions face to face, we have also arranged two drop in sessions at the Dolphins Hall, where trustees will be on hand with questionnaires and feedback sheets to find out what you think, and to answer your questions.

Drop-in sessions at the Dolphins Hall:
Saturday 25th August (9.00 – 11.00) and
Wednesday 29th August (19.00 – 21.00)

And remember, even if you aren’t able to fill out our survey or come along to speak to us, we care what you think, and we do want to know, so get in touch via our Contact Us page.