In order to be transparent in our operations and accountable to the people of Tetbury, the minutes of the Dolphins Recreation Centre Trust (AKA the Dolphins Hall and the Rec) Trustee meetings will be made public going forward.

Please Note:
Occasionally, information that cannot be publicly disclosed may be discussed at Trustee meetings. This might include, for example, commercial information such as bid prices, or personal information that could not be disclosed without breaching confidence. The existence of minutes of these discussions, along with the reason why they must remain confidential will be recorded in the public minutes. There are no undisclosed confidential minutes. 
In line with normal practice, minutes will only be published once agreed by the committee, normally at the following meeting. Only then can they be signed off by the Chair.

If you have any concerns or questions about published minutes please contact the Chair of Trustees, Steve Scott (Scotty) on chair@dolphinshalltetbury.co.uk


DH Minutes 3rd June 2019

DH Minutes 23rd April 2019

DH Minutes 19th March 2019

DH Minutes 7th March 2019

DH Minutes 19th February 2019

DH Minutes 8th January 2019


DH Minutes 4th December 2018

DH Minutes 20th November 2018 

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